apartment living
on Capitol Hill

A new boutiquement.

  • Clothes
  • Social
  • Livable
  • Boutique
  • Cool
  • Clothes
  • Entertain
  • Chef
  • Swoon
  • Urban
  • Network
  • Apartment
  • Closet
  • Room
  • Buzz
  • Ability
  • Network
  • Inducing
  • Capacity
  • Kitchen

Spin to reveal a word in the lexicon.

Entertainability: Spaces that practically invite your friends over themselves.

Coolpacity: A newfound "it" factor courtesy of your new digs.

Livableroom: Not just a living room; a truly liveable home.

Swoonducing: Views that just might overcome you and guests.

Clotheset: Plenty of storage space for your wardrobe.

Socialnotworking: Room to relax and escape the status updates, if you're so inclined.

Chefkit: More than a kitchen; a place to unleash your inner chef.

Urbuzz: The buzz of living in a great urban neighborhood.

Boutiquement: An apartment with a sense of style.